Waterford on New York Times Must Visit List

On January 9th 2024, the highly anticipated New York Times ‘52 Places to Visit in 2024’ list was released. Waterford was listed at number 30 on this exclusive list amongst 51 other highly regarded tourist destinations across the globe, including Paris, France, Maui, Hawaii, Ladakh, India, and Mustang, Nepal to name a few. The prestigious nature of this list ensures international attention. The list encourages new experiences and international adventure amongst readers. The inclusion of Waterford on this list will undoubtedly increase international visitors to the county.

Waterford has increased its global visibility in recent months. Waterford City was recently awarded European City of Christmas 2024, and the highly regarded Conde Nast publication featured Visit Waterford Member Mount Congreve Gardens on their ‘Must Visit in 2024’ list. With its breathtaking beaches, UNESCO Copper Coast, majestic mountains, a city steeped in history and award winning hospitality it is no surprise that Waterford is taking its rightful place on the world’s stage.


The New York Times is a globally renowned publication; its focus on Waterford reflects the international esteem of Waterford as a tourist destination.

The New York Times highlights some of Waterford’s most popular attractions from its Medieval beginnings to more recent times, including Reginald’s Tower, Ireland’s Oldest Civic building that now houses artifacts from excavations on Waterford’s Viking origins, and the recently developed Digital Story Trail that brings history to life throughout the vibrant city center. The article also mentions some of the exciting offerings from Visit Waterford member Waterford Treasures in Ireland’s only purpose built museum quarter, including The Irish Museum of Time and the recently opened Irish Wake Museum. 

Another jewel in Waterford’s crown is the exceptional Greenway stretching over 46km from Waterford City to Dungarvan, attracting local and international visitors alike. The Greenway is also home to the National Biodiversity Data Centre reflecting the rich ecology of the wider Waterford region.

The publication encourages visitors to enjoy afternoon tea in the recently redeveloped Mount Congreve Gardens which boasts Ireland’s largest collection of plants and offers visitors over 16km of world renowned garden routes to choose from. It is evident from the extensive international attention that Waterford’s tourism offering is considered among the most popular globally. 

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