The most Instagrammable spots in Waterford County

The most Instagrammable spots in Waterford County

We all know that Waterford County is full of beautiful and picture-worthy locations.  Last summer Siobhan and Joe have traveled around Waterford County exploring the beauty of their home and they have shared the most instagrammable spots they have visited with us. 

Below you can find the list of locations they have found to be great for those stunning Instagram shots and enjoy beautiful photos they took while exploring their county (you can find more on their blog and their Instagram profiles, both listed below).


If you decide to visit any of the locations, please be mindful of the safety and regulations.

Ballysagartmore Towers

Less than a five-minute drive from Lismore Castle are the ornate Ballysaggartmore Towers surrounded by woodlands. There are two different structures that are both amazing to take photos at. The tower bridge and the magnificent manor ruins. Both of the gothic-style buildings look like something from a fairy-tale. Framed by nature, these structures make for an extravagant backdrop to any picture.


Lismore Castle

Lismore Castle is an imposing structure within the heritage town and you can get an easy and stunning shot of the impressive castle from the bridge. If you want to get a different vantage point, you can take a walk down to the field next to the river.


Counshingaun Lake

There’s a lot of work for this shot as you have to have a good head for heights and some level of fitness. Take the loop trail around the top of Comeragh Mountain which overlooks the lake. Don’t be just fixated on the lake though as there are several vantage points throughout the rock of the countryside that are simply breath-taking from those lofty heights.


Copper Coast Drive

One of our favourite particular areas for pictures of the Copper Coast is right next to the Tankardstown Copper Mines. Park there and you can walk over to the cliffside on the opposite side of the road. It is not fenced so take care, but there is plenty of room to explore and take pictures.


Nire Valley

If you want to get a typical picturesque image of Ireland, then head to the Nire Valley. There you will find narrow country roads framed by old-fashioned stone walls, many roaming sheep, and a backdrop of the rural countryside. Also, there’s a parking area that is the perfect spot to watch the sun drop down over the horizon in the evening.


Fenor Bog Nature Reserve at Sunset

The Fenor Bog is an area that you can either spend 10 minutes at or much longer depending on your interest in bird watching and patience for spying wildlife. It’s free to visit and a peaceful place to stop in at. The boardwalk through the bog does make for a beautiful place to catch the sunset from, and if you catch the light right, you can see it shine off the wooden path.


Dunhill Castle Ruins

The old ruins are what remains of a once-proud castle in the middle of the Irish countryside. There are many angles that you could take of the building, however, a drone might produce the best results for a unique image.


The Greenway Waterford

One of Ireland’s most popular attractions is a cycling path that runs along an old railway line. There are several picture-perfect spots that are easy to get. Near Dungarvan, there’s a vantage point that shows stunning views of the coast, which is an uplifting sight when cycling into Dungarvan on a beautiful morning.


Another Instagrammable spot along Waterford’s Greenway is the entrance to the 400 metre long tunnel that is framed by lush ferns. If you don’t want to cycle there from Dungarvan, you can reach the spot by car. Just drive to the Durrow Car Park and follow the signs for the tunnel, or alternatively, take the other route if the shot you’re after is of the Durrow Viaduct.


This arched bridge is a spectacular feature of Waterford’s Greenway with another viaduct bridge also located in Kilmachthomas. You can get beautiful pictures of the bridge with a drone and is a lovely spot to catch the sunset from. However, if you don’t have a drone, don’t worry as you can still get Instagram-worthy images of the bridge if you wander down to the lush country road that runs under the viaduct.



Ardmore has several different Instagrammable spots dotted throughout the holiday village. There is a cliff walk that has picturesque views of the craggy cliffs and a round tower that overlooks the beachside village. The CLiffside Hotel offers stunning views from its terrace and if you explore beyond the beaten path, you will find little-known ruins with coastline views.

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