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  • Name
  • Grade
  • Easy Moderate Easy
  • Distance
  • 1km 5.5km 5km
  • Type
  • Loop
  • Estimated time
  • 20mins 1.5hrs 1.5hrs
  • Ascent
  • Terrain
  • Gravel Path Gravel path, shingle path and sand Tarmac, footpaths, road
  • Waymarking
  • Green arrows Green arrows Slí na Sláinte arrows
  • Parking and Trailhead
  • Tramore Nature Park Car Parking Area Public car park opposite Majestic Hotel Church Road (option to begin from The Prom)
  • Trailhead OSI Map No, Grid Ref/GPS
  • 76, 92 015, 52.16394, -7.13378 S 584 015 76, 52.16317, -7.14736 76, S 578 009 52.15827, -7.15497
  • Minimum Gear
  • Walking shoes, wind/rain jacket
  • Dogs allowed
  • On a lead


5-10 km | Coastal | Easy | Moderate | Tramore | Up to 5km


5-10 km | Coastal | Easy | Moderate | Tramore | Up to 5km


Tramore is a beautiful coastal town only 13km south of Waterford City, where land and sea meet to create an impressive 5km sandy beach ideal for walking, swimming, surfing, kite surfing or simply enjoying a coffee with a sea view. Tramore has a complete range of facilities for the holiday maker, from top class accommodation and a great selection of cafés and restaurants, to leisure activities such as surfing, fishing, horse riding, golf and an Amusement Park for all ages. Famous for its 5km of golden, sandy beach surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, the panorama of Tramore Bay is truly magnificent. It blends natural beauty with a lovely traditional seaside town feel.

There are numerous walks in the area, three of which are recommended here:

Dunes Walk: Tramore Dunes are located to the east of the town of Tramore. To access the Dunes you walk either along the sandy beach, along the sea wall or over the saltmarsh behind the sea wall. An invigorating trip around the dunes is one of the best coastal walks in Waterford.

Doneraile Walk: This Walk provides panoramic views of Tramore Bay, Backstrand and the surrounding coastline. It takes you right past Tramore Coastguard Cultural Centre before leaving town and heading onto the Cliff Road in the direction of Newtown Cove and the Guillamene.

Tramore Nature Park: Tramore Nature Park is the site of a former landfill which closed in 2005. It is now a 12 hectare public park with grassland, scrub and saltmarsh, providing habitats for a range of bird and plant species.

Did You Know

• Coastal views towards Brownstown Head and Great Newtown Head are noteworthy for the pillars which were constructed in the early part of the 19th century, following the Seahorse disaster, as a navigational aid for mariners. The Metalman stands on top of one of the pillars at Great Newtown Head with his right arm outstretched warning ships to keep away from the dangerous rocks. Legend has it that he chants aloud a rhyme on stormy nights: “Keep off, good ship, Keep off from me, for I’m the rock of misery”.

How To Get There

Tramore is well served with ample car parking for the walks highlighted here. Please see map for locations.