28th Oct - 29th Oct 2023
Lismore Castle

The Smoke Clears and you wake up suddenly everyone on the bus is battered but alive . The creaking of the dark trees tapping on the window are enough to make you go in search for help, battling through a knot of of gnarled roots in the pitch blackness. Just as you give up hope a hand appears from the swaying branches. “Follow us……… to the happiest place on earth”.

Once upon a chilling autumn night, an eerie carnival mysteriously emerged on the grounds of an old castle, shrouded in fog and shadow.

Legends whisper of a cursed carnival that only appeared on the darkest of nights, and those who dared to enter risked encountering otherworldly horrors. Despite the foreboding tales, a few brave souls were drawn to the enigmatic spectacle that materialised before them. 

Each step taken will feel as if  descending into a nightmarish realm where reality and fantasy entwined.

Glimpse glimpses of lost souls and forgotten spectres, a place where the spirits of the past sought redemption and closure, their restless souls finding solace in the temporary realm of the carnival.

As dawn approached, the carnival began to fade, and the spirits returned to their resting places.

Visit a world that reveals itself only on the darkest of halloween night’s.


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